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How To Start a Grocery Delivery From Your Home Office

If your after a business that requires very little startup capital the personal shopper or grocery delivery business from home is an option. Starting a grocery delivery from home is easy. Most people think it takes thousands of dollars to start a business and in some cases it does. Having business experience or not you know that the overhead and cost of doing business is what makes most start-up businesses fail. There are many types of service businesses that do not require a large capital investment and the home delivery or personal shopper business is one of them.

How Hard Is It To Start?

You start a grocery or personal shopper business just like any other business. You make a business plan, you set goals and you carefully implement your business plan. The three most important things to watch are your expenses, your target customer, and make sure that service and the satisfaction of your customer base is the most important. Then watch the direction the business is going. Concentrate on an area of the business and make sure it runs perfectly before going on to the next phase. Do not grow too quickly. Just take care of every customer and make sure there is profit in what you do. Do not give away your services or you won’t last long. You can always grow your business or expand into new areas as you develop. If you start out slow you will not stress out and make as many mistakes. If you do make mistakes you can correct them and move on. Don’t waste time and money on things you can not deliver.

Who Can Start This Type Of Delivery Business?

The nice thing about this type of business is anyone can do it. If you have good transportation, which means something you can throw a few boxes of groceries in (which rules out a sports car) you can deliver groceries or most personal shopper items. You also need a few people skills which helps future business and word of mouth referrals in a big way. A little extra time and conversation always helps. You can work part time, full time, or be young or old in this business. It is the type of work anyone can do. But the items mentioned above are important. Being a people person is everything in this business. The way you present yourself and how you do business will ensure return customers and future success. I have found people that are good with seniors and retirees are employees from the same age group. They tend to spend more time with the customer and build bonds which insure future return business. On the other end of the scale the younger even teenager that is dependable can be a great asset to a business with speed and manners.

Anyone that can run a good business model can be successful. Its all about service young or old.

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn depends on how hard you want to work. If you want to work full time and make this into a large company with lots of delivery areas and employees to do all the work it will be just like any other service business, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. But the money and rewards will be great. There are lots of ways to expand into different areas of the grocery home delivery business. There is also the part timer that just wants to make some extra money every month or the retired person that just can not quit. You can supplement your income in a number of ways in the business and just work a few hours a week and make a few hundred a week per month. It is up to you. The thing is, you are the boss, you make the choices it takes to dictate your income. The important fact to remember is the cost of running this business can be very little. Start up costs can be as little as $750.00 and overhead per month can be less.

How Can I Start A Grocery Delivery?

The best way to start is to check out the competition or other delivery companies in the area. Your going to have some competition in some areas. See what they are doing and not doing and specialize. A lot of the big stores deliver now but they have guidelines that you don’t have. You can add to their service or work around them and add services they do not have. Large stores may deliver groceries but they do not take pets to the vet or pick up your prescription at the local drug store. Provide services they do not and you will be successful. Read More

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